Roller Blinds - Taylor Blinds

Taylor offers Roller Blinds in 3 Categories: 1.Screens   2.Hybrid   3.Blockout


Roller Blind Screen Shades are referred to as sheer weave shades, solar shades, or screen shades. They are not privacy shades but rather fabric window shades that are used to block UV rays and reduce energy costs whilst not blocking the view as you are able to see through them.


A hybrid between both Screen and Blockout, our light filtering fabric shade filters and reduces the amount of light that enters a room. Neither blockout nor a sheer screen. With a transparent coated finish, this fabric is an ideal solution for moist and humid room environments and climates.


Blockout is an opaque fabric used to block out light. Blockout fabrics are most commonly found in bedrooms and hotel rooms, blocking much of the light that would otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closed. For travellers, light sensitive sleepers and parents of babies, blockout is an essential element in the bedroom.