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04th June 2019


“When you find your own personal connection with an artwork, it can lead you to express how you see the world in so many different ways. It’s an act of inspiration that’s open to everyone. There’s no limits as to where it can take you,” quoted from Anna Wintour of Vogue. There really is no limitations when it comes to purchasing art, but if you’re a first timer and have no idea where to start then look no further:

Prize purchases

It all starts with what you’re willing to invest in. If you look at art as an investment, you’ll be making your money work for you as art increases in value over time. It’s sort of like a fine wine. So do your research and invest wisely, but also trust your gut. If you choose a piece that stirs an emotion when you look at it you’ll be buying something that pleases the eye and speaks to the soul. Usually the colours and feel of your home will change over the years as your tastes (and finances) evolve, but as art is an investment you’re going to want to go something that is timeless.

Location, location, location

Once you have purchased your art, it’s important to display it in a way to preserve the art piece. Art pieces should be hung at eye level in order to be able to enjoy the artwork without having to look up at it. Your framing material should be acid-free for better maintenance which is why you should opt for a glass layer over the front and acrylic with a dust cover on the back. If you invest in more than one piece, it’s always best to hang artworks close together, not scattered across the wall.

Art of the window treatment

Consider window treatments made out of fabrics with exterior sun blockage to protect your artwork from the sun’s rays, while still allowing light to enter your home. Roller blinds are a great option and come in an array of fabrics, colours and patterns to complement your art. Once the frame has been installed, changing the fabric is quick and cost effective which means that you’ll be able to change your window coverings as often as you change your art pieces, all while keeping damaging UV rays at bay.

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