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Blinds and shutters to match your décor style

29th September 2017



There’s nothing as exciting as decorating your home – sometimes all you need for an update is a new set of multipurpose blinds or shutters. Available in various colours, textures and materials, the different options from our range of blinds and shutters offer easy, affordable touches for successful home styling.


Farmhouse feeling

Country living exudes a sense of calm and comfort. Embrace your surroundings (or forge a feeling of farm life) by placing an emphasis on large, neutral-toned décor. Open up your home to the outdoors and invite the natural light in with our Thermowood Shutters (they’re fire-resistant, too). Paired with faded-wood furniture, your new farmhouse will have the warm, homey feel of an easier lifestyle.


Rustic touch

Creating a rustic-style space takes careful planning – it’s a conscious contrast between simplicity and old-world charm. Achieve this look by extending the rustic feel from the walls and windows to the floors. Opt for soft, industrial greys on the walls, simple wooden furniture spread throughout the room and finish it off with our Bamboo Venetian Blinds for timeless flair.


Scandinavian style

Rule number one of Scandinavian style: liveable spaces. Start by decluttering your rooms, and remember, functionality is key (storage as décor? Yes, please!). Because Scandinavian homes pay extra attention to clean lines –in their architecture and the furniture - we have Screen Roller Blinds, with their simple functionality, play perfectly into your theme. Want to add a touch of colour? Blue, of course.


Seaside bliss

Protect your beach home when you’re not around with our selection of aluminium ShutterGuard® Security Shutters. The folding shutters will make sure your home is safe from burglaries and the extreme winds that often come along with carefree seaside living. Because we know style should not be compromised, we have an optional extra: the colour of your shutters can be custom-made to complement your décor style.



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