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Create a Work Space that Inspires

27th July 2017

Whether you work from an office or at home, a beautifully designed space has been proven to inspire productivity and creativity. And while corporate colours are often described as “serviceable”, there is no reason why your desk and its surrounds shouldn’t feature the unique style that defines you both in and out of the workplace.

Colour Coding

Even at its best, most office furniture is designed using a neutral palette so why not select a colour scheme of your own. By choosing stationery and a beautifully upholstered chair in your preferred shade, you can bring a sense of energy and vibrancy into your workspace that will have you ticking items off your to-do list with great efficiency.

Frame It

Motivational quotes may serve to keep you ahead of your game, but they also happen to act as a stylish design element in any work environment. Inspirational words written in a chic font and placed in a unique frame will be both beautiful and functional.


Connect with Nature

You may be connected to any number of devices including your phone, laptop or tablet but by connecting with nature, you could be even more productive despite the number of hours you’ve been staring at your screen. A perfectly placed orchid can bring a pop of colour into your workspace, while even a humble fern will bring greenery and a sense of calm to your action-packed day.

Seeing the Light

While we all hope to “see the light” at the end of a day’s work, venetian blinds act as the perfect window treatment both in terms of style and the amount of light that enters your work or home office. This means no more glare on your computer screen as you type up that urgent report.

What is more, cleaning venetian blinds simply requires a wipe of each slat with a dry cloth. Those looking for other ways of how to clean venetian blinds can place an upholstery attachment to their vacuum cleaner for an effective result.


All in a Day’s Work

Décor that is modern and on-trend needn’t be confined to your home. Bring a dash of your own personal style to your workspace and you’re sure to feel more creative and inspired than ever before.

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