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Expecting? Get Your Home Ready for Your New Arrival

04th June 2019

Expecting? Get Your Home Ready for Your New Arrival

Getting ready to bring your new-born into the world and into your home is an exciting time. Make sure you don’t forget the little things (thanks ‘baby brain’) by keeping the following tips in mind when preparing the nest for your bundle of joy’s arrival.

A window to their world

The right window treatments will help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably. Even small cracks of light can disturb a sensitive baby, so the right window treatment is a must. Our Block-out Blinds are an ideal choice as they are designed to eliminate the light completely. They also help to create an environment that normalises melatonin levels, with exposure to the right light spectrum and amount of UV - all whilst looking stylish.

Our Thermowood Shutters are another option, as they offer insulation and noise reduction to help your baby relax and rest well. Plus, they don’t have dangerous dangling chords that could pose a risk to your baby’s safety.

Choose the right cot and mattress

When choosing a cot, safety is the first consideration. You’ll want to think twice before investing in cot with drop-down sides, because they can pose a safety hazard. It’s important to also ensure that there is no space between the mattress and cot sides.

Your next consideration should be ease of use. Baby Couture offers an array of user-friendly cots. A cot that has an adjustable mattress height is ideal because it prevents already tired dads and moms (especially those sporting a caesarean scar) from having to strain when putting the baby to bed and getting them out. Very young babies can sleep in a crib with the mattress set to the highest level and by the time they are able to pull themselves up into a standing position, you can adjust the mattress to its lowest setting to prevent them from climbing or falling out.

You can also opt for a cot that can turn into a toddler bed using a conversion kit, which will save you money in the future and could make the transition from crib to bed easier for your little one.

Mind the sunlight

Your baby’s skin is thin, extremely sensitive and can burn easily so it shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight at all in the first six months. Shutters and blinds, whilst decorative, are also highly effective features for controlling light. Roller blinds, in a screen fabric, allow in plenty of light whilst protecting your little one (as well as your flooring and furniture) from UV rays and glare. They also maintain a temperate climate in the room.  Shutters can be adjusted so that the light is directed up to the ceiling or down to the floor, letting light in, without casting rays onto the baby’s crib.