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How to create the perfect home cinema simply by changing your blinds

29th November 2017

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing movie night in the comfort of your own home. Of course, it’s not a movie night unless there’s comfortable seating, romantic lighting and tonnes of snacks.

We have the top five tips to making sure your home is ready for your private cinema experience.

First things first – Lights off!

The first (and easiest) step is getting the lighting just right. With our roller blinds, the outside light is filtered, giving your living room a real cinema feel. Try the Le Reve 100% Blockout Blind for a warm setting, and for that extra professional touch, go for the automated option.

Romance or action; Netflix or Showmax?

The success of your movie night lies in the hands of whoever picks the movie! Whether you’re fighting over the TV remote, making your selection at a video store or streaming the latest options, make sure you have everything from the subscription to the internet connection sorted well in advance.

Screen prep

Naturally, a big screen wins first prize, but there are other ways to mimic the cinema feel. Try using a projector to display the screen against an empty wall – it’s affordable, easy and guarantees an authentic cinema watch.

Now, for a more tasty time

Get the popcorn started and fill your drinks with ice – this is the best part of movie night. While you probably won’t have the famous slushie, you’ll save tons of money and you have a selection of store-bought or homemade snacks to choose from!

Seats, please

Couches, palettes with oversized cushions, beanbags, or mattress-lined floors – you get to pick your comfort. Keep the amount of your cinemagoers in mind when planning this one to ensure everyone has an uninterrupted view of the screen.

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