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How to make the most of your exposed brick wall

29th November 2017

While a textured wall instantly adds character and warmth to a room, the bricks need to be treated and maintained to avoid damage caused by dirt and moisture. Apply a sealant or acrylic-based paint when treating the bricks to prevent mold formation, and clean the wall regularly.

Combine a small amount of water with salt and dishwashing liquid until it forms a paste, and scrub the wall using the mixture. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then wipe the solution off the wall using a soft sponge and clean water.

Once you have mastered the basics of caring for your exposed brick wall, you can get down to the fun business – decorating! These are our top three ideas:

Easy industrial meets modern man cave

Transform your bachelor pad into a work of industrial art with an exposed brick wall and a few simple décor pieces – metallic touches such as aluminium lamps and copper light fittings, or graffiti-style artwork on the walls. Create an open, airy space with our Thermowood Shutters as they easily block out noise and heat from outside while allowing natural light in. Warm up the concrete floors with a shaggy rug or add some cool factor with a bar fridge on your kitchen countertop.

Parisian appeal

Invite romance into your home with French-inspired décor. Turn your living room into a Parisian paradise with an exposed brick wall around your fireplace, and create a gallery wall with framed photos, mirrors or artwork on another side of the room. Decorate your couches with cushions and throws of all shades and clashing prints – take it a step further with our Vertical Blinds, available in several different colours and textures. Top off the look with a crystal chandelier and a wine stand filled with classic reds.

Contemporary kids

Add some cool to your child’s room with an exposed brick wall, and soften the look by painting it in white or pastel colours. Play around with patterned rugs, a built-in bookshelf and a character duvet cover. Keep your little one comfortable by blocking out excess light and noise with our range of Shutters and Blockouts.

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