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It’s a Jungle Out There

01st February 2019

We’re crazy about nature in all its’ guises - and there are no prizes for guessing why. It’s fresh; invigorating; bright and calming, and does wonders for the mind and body.  Convinced? There are loads of ways to incorporate the jungle accents into your home decor, and it’s not as complex as you may think.

Back to basics
To put the theme into perspective, natural browns and bright greens are your base. Add white to create contrast, amp up the “fresh” and pull the look together. Hello happy place!



Tropical Paradise
Create your own tropical paradise by incorporating an array of indoor tropical plants into your home. This will not only make you feel at one with nature, but will fill your home with life-giving oxygen and reduced stress levels. For those of you who don’t have green fingers, you’ll be pleased to know that many tropical plants are hard to kill.



Prints, prints, prints
If the tropical plants aren’t enough, we suggest adding an element of tropical print to your décor. Do this with a statement floral print wallpaper, scatter cushions, or by incorporating a unique and elegant floral design through to your window treatments. We love it when fashion and function collide which is why our selection of Roller Blinds are designed to meet both your practical and aesthetic needs. Once the frame has been installed, changing your fabric is quick and cost effective which means that you can keep up with the trends (and ahead of the Jones’s). Taylor’s unmatchable Roller Blind collection not only provides a unique colour and print selection, but humidity control and UV ray protection to keep the sun’s damage at bay (this is summer after all).

Shut up! 
If roller blinds aren’t your thing, shutters will give your home the instant look and feel of a plantation homestead. That will get the jungle drums going. 

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