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Outdoor Furniture for Patio Perfection

06th July 2017

This winter has us dreaming of celebrating lazy summer days by dining al fresco, or simply soaking up the sun’s rays while reading our favourite novel. As a reminder that warmer days lie ahead, we take a look at how to furnish a beautifully designed patio as a quintessential design element of any South African home.

Furniture for outdoor living spaces should be as stylish as they are durable. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a shopping guide to help you select outdoor pieces that will keep you in maximum comfort while you prepare for the weather our country is famous for:

Consider Your Space

Before your shopping expedition begins, give some thought to the role your patio will play in your lifestyle. If you’re dreaming of lunches that extend late into the afternoon, then outdoor dining furniture with enough seating should guide your purchasing decisions. Or if the thought of spreading out the newspaper before you while sipping a refreshing beverage is your idea of heaven, then reclining loungers are an absolute must.

Material World

The good news is that the current trends when it comes to outdoor furniture are open to personal expression. There are, however, a number of materials that have proven to be more durable than the rest and they include the following:

  • Natural wood is always a classic choice, and while it is sturdy and durable your outdoor furniture will require maintenance and regular preservative treatments to keep it in tip top shape

  • Rattan and wicker create a beautifully laid-back look that invites you to linger in the great outdoors. These materials require regular weatherproofing but with that said, resin options are available that have been proven to last longer

  • Steel and wrought iron are extremely strong and durable and the best part is you can add cushions that will speak to your signature look

  • Aluminium, plastic and PVC are rust-proof, easy to clean and extremely durable. This type of outdoor furniture may need to be secured in the case of strong winds

Protection from the Elements

While durability should be at the top of your list when selecting outdoor furniture, here at Taylors Blinds & Shutters we provide effective solutions for additional protection from the elements. Our Hurricane Aluminium Shutters, by way of example, were originally designed to protect windows and doors from storms and high winds without compromising the aesthetics of a home.

Our stylish shutters also happen to be the perfect way to create shelter for patio or braai areas. Made entirely from aluminium and with a 10 year warranty, they are not only beautiful to look at but they are also functional, durable, rust resistant and easy to clean. In short, our verandah shutters are pleasing to the eye, provide shade when you need it and offer the very best protection against our harsh climate to extend the lifespan of your carefully chosen outdoor furniture.

Make sure you’re ready for all that our glorious weather has to offer by getting started on your patio as your next design project. As the cooler days give way to summer, and you find yourself soaking up the sun’s rays in comfort, you’ll be so glad you did.

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