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Ramp up your Rental Income

04th June 2019

Ramp up your Rental Income

Home rentals has become big business. Whether it’s through Air B&B; private short-term rentals; long term furnished rentals or just a good old fashioned B&B set-up, it’s a competitive industry and tough environment to stand out in. Instead of lowering your prices to out-perform your competition, look at investing in cost effective décor elements that will turn your accommodation into a homely and inviting environment and bag those bookings.

Never enough nature

Give your home a little taste of the outdoors with plants. Opt for heat tolerant and water-wise plants like cacti, succulents and palms so they always look fresh, and don’t require too much TLC. Research has shown that plants increase oxygen levels in indoor spaces and naturally reduce the level of chemical compounds in the air, meaning that a plant will not only help beautify your place, but purify it and enhance your well-being too.

Wow your windows

The right window treatments can enhance your home’s decor. Blinds are a wise choice because there are so many fashionable textures and colours to choose from and they’re affordable and easy to change once the frame has been installed. Taylor offers a 5 year warranty, so you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Colour me beautiful

Select neutral colours like a light grey or mushroom beige for your walls, and natural woods for furnishings. This will ensure that your decor will appeal to the greatest number of people. You can add a splash of colour with accent pieces to add character. Start with one statement piece such as a painting, or bright piece of furniture, and key off this statement piece with complimenting colours for other items in the room.

Mirror magic

Brighten up your decor with a selection of mirrors strategically placed around the home. If you position them correctly they reflect more light and brighten up your space which automatically makes you feel like you have more room. With just a little creativity, they can easily become the show-stopping centrepiece of your home away from home.

It’s all about the bed

When seeking holiday accommodation, families or large groups will specifically look for spaces with many sleeping options. Ways to leverage sleeping space in your home are for example: having a futon or pull out couch in the living room, and two beds in a spare room that can be kept separate or pushed together to accommodate a couple will immediately add value to your offering. An air mattress or cot would further increase your maximum number of guests at very little cost.

As snug as a rug

Use a variety of textures to add interest to your space. Textured throw pillows, slipcovers, window coverings, wall hangings and rugs will all add visual interest. A well-placed rug in particular can bring life to an otherwise sparsely decorated space – which is big news for small budgets.

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