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Room dividers that work best for an open-plan house

12th February 2018

There’s no escaping the high costs of living – property prices are sky-high and the expectations are often only half-met. Here are ways to work around small spaces using room dividers to make your rooms fashionable and functional.

Backstage pass

A clothing rack might just be the miracle divider you’ve been looking for. Use it to make up for the lack of cupboard space in your bachelor pad (and create the backstage feel of a fashion show!). Make sure the rack has wheels so that you can move it around easily whenever you need to switch the space up.


Private affair

An open-plan bathroom isn’t always as romantic as it could be. Try separating the toilet from the bathtub or basin with a bamboo partition or with our stackable Thermowood Shutters to create the privacy you need with the elegance you desire. If the bathroom has little to no natural lighting coming through,  the Thermowood® Shutters will assist as you can open the louvres to bring in more light (please edit as you see fit, I’d rather hint at how Thermowood® can add  light vs. a bamboo partitian; if the bathroom has a window, complement the divider with our Bamboo Venetian Blinds.


Kiddies’ corner

Bookshelves are a great way of creating space in your child’s room. A horizontal bookshelf can function as a headboard, a storage space for their favourite books, and can section off a play area from their sleeping space.


No neighbours in no time

They might not traditionally be seen as room dividers, but shutters have all it takes to create two separate rooms without taking up any space. If your kitchen leads out onto a patio or balcony that can be seen by your neighbours, you can easily go from party to family time by opening or closing the Hurricane Aluminium Shutters. Another bonus of these shutters? You can protect your home from storms and high winds without compromising on its aesthetics.

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