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Smaller Kitchens? No Biggie...

07th March 2017


Ever stepped into a super trendy apartment where the kitchen barely has space for one?

The trend of kitchens getting smaller is common around the world. As people forego the traditional dinner table to frequent their favourite eateries, so the need for big, spacious kitchens is shrinking, along with floor space.

Luckily, compact coolness can be achieved through clever planning and a few key touches. Try these handy tips to make your small kitchen pop!





Lighter colours for the win

Darker colours on walls, cupboards and countertops can quickly make a space seem much smaller than it is. Rather opt for a light colour palette, or even all-white. For a splash of colour, choose one or two key pieces in a bright colour, such as a daring Ferrari red bread bin or canary yellow kettle.

Extend your light colour scheme to your window treatments. Shutters are one of the best ways to go. They offer excellent light control, plus they moderate both temperature and airflow which are a necessity in this often-humid environment. Another bonus? They are easy to clean – simply wipe with a dusting cloth and, if necessary, use a damp sponge to get rid of any spills, splashes and stains.




Stash it

Clutter is the quickest way to make a room look and feel cramped. Pack away items such as toasters, recipe books and cutting boards that you have finished using and don’t leave dirty dishes on countertops.



Mirror perfection

Adding a mirror backsplash to your kitchen will not only make it seem bigger: it looks really chic. Stick to solid strips above stoves and countertops.

Having a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean your decorating options are limited – so, start getting creative!

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