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Sunscreen Savvy Window Treatments

07th March 2017

Be eco-friendly with Sheerweave window treatments

Avid recycler or champion water saver? Being an eco-savvy homeowner needn’t be a stretch. From using “green” cleaning products to sorting garbage in separate bins for glass, plastic and food waste, doing your bit for the environment is easy.

You might be surprised to learn that some window treatments are specifically designed to be better for the environment.



Sheerweave roller blinds are one of our eco-friendly solutions. Half of the compound components in their design are derived from cropbased feed stocks and minerals, while two thirds of the total compound are from non-fossil fuel feed stocks. While all this may sound rather technical and confusing – what it really boils down to is that these blinds are made from materials that have a smaller carbon footprint – making their production kinder to Mother Nature.

It provides a great looking green alternative to traditional screens, without a PVC fragrance. The application of this treatment also defends your fabric against bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast and algae – a big plus for homes in areas with high humidity.



Sounds fabulous? Even better is that you can customise these eye-pleasing window treatments with automated or manual operating options and a beautiful neutral colour palette to suit most decor schemes.

Also, don’t be fooled by its lightweight appearance. Sheerweave has good UV control and reduces glare and heat, meaning that your furniture’s material is protected from sun damage.

Stylish, environmentally friendly window protection? A (green) dream come true!


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