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Transform your home into a sanctuary for lockdown and beyond

11th May 2020

In recent times our homes have become our entire world, leading to the realization that our living space now needs to serve us in whole new ways. Whether we’re in lockdown or not, our houses increasingly have to include work, learning and school hubs and still meet the entertainment demands for all who share the space. It is time to really consider what you need and want from your living quarters. Is your home the sanctuary you deserve - a true refuge of calm, effective organization and functioning harmony? If not, you can transform your living, find a functional family Zen and achieve a better balance within your home in a few easy steps.

Consider the three ‘C’s: Clutter, Colour and Calm.

Create a clutter-free space

Getting serious about a good clear out can immediately transform your space into a more productive and creative environment. There are obvious health benefits. By decluttering you can reduce stress and anxiety and rid your home of possible allergens. It can also save you money and vastly improve standards of living.

Declutter your home and garage. Sell, donate or pack away whatever you can, as well as what you don't use anymore. With a clear canvas, you should now be able to envision new ways to improve and use your space.


The next thing to consider to create the sanctuary of your dreams, is the colour of each area. Wall colour can have a massive impact on the overall feel of a room. If circumstance or budget doesn’t allow you to change the colour of your walls, plush pillows and cozy throws go a long way to create a tranquil and calming environment. Repurpose what you already have with your colour palette in mind. This can be one of the best ways to create a seriously soothing ambiance.

Think about colours that draw you in or have a positive effect on those who use the area and find your happy colour that works in situ.



As a starting guide, yellows (and those with yellow undertones), are obviously bright and stimulate the left side of the brain to help with logic, judgment and reasoning. This can be great for areas where you need to be alert and constructive. We generally associate greens (and colours with green undertones) with nature. Green has been shown to help calm sensory overload which so many of us experience in modern day life. Blues (or colours with blue undertones) are often used in colour therapy to calm the central nervous system and can be a great stress reliever.

If you dream of converting your home into a place of Zen, where you rest your body, calm your mind and soothe your soul, there are a few other things to try. Embrace the power of plants. Plants eliminate toxins from indoor spaces and re-oxygenate the room. Plants have a restorative effect that, with a little maintenance, can provide maximum serenity.


Natural fibres and organic materials can add to the overall tranquillity of a space. An earthy look and feel can foster a sense of inner calm. Add natural wood or spruce up the existing woodwork to accentuate raw beauty to tap into this effect.

Natural light can also have a massively positive effect. It increases concentration, focus and productivity, which is especially helpful when working or studying from home. Sunlight promotes the increase of hormones in the brain, which promote feelings of happiness and well-being. If you are stuck inside more than usual, as we all are at the moment, vitamin sunshine is a crucial ingredient for overall good health and wellness.

If natural light is limited, try incorporating reflective surfaces into your home. The amount of light will immediately increase by strategically placing large mirrors or light reflecting pieces.

Lastly, to achieve a real sense of calm, designate areas to specific roles.
Establish clear divisions between your work/school space and entertainment areas. If you are working from a shared space, try redesigning the space you have available with physical boundaries such as a rug, bookcase or Thermowood screens.
If you don’t have the luxury of being able to shut a door and close out the distractions of home and family life or even redesigning a space with repurposed furniture, try setting up temporal boundaries and create a regimen of space. For example, something as simple as setting out selected objects if working at the kitchen table, like a special placemat or a few framed photos, will make clear to our brains, and everyone else in the home, that it is time to work or study.

If you apply some or all of these design techniques, you should be well on your way to create a home that is a true haven of calm – a sanctuary to counteract the stresses of an often chaotic and manic world.

If you require further help to implement changes in your home, feel free to contact Taylor Blinds & Shutters for a virtual consultation. While our factory is temporarily shut as a result of the lockdown, all our certified Taylor sales teams are at home and more expert advice is still available to you. You can schedule the consultation on your preferred digital platform: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook, even Instagram to help you plan the changes required to adapt our lives and homes to accommodate a new normal as we go into the future.

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