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Style. Sophistication. Serenity. Not bad for a 60-year old.

With over 60 years’ experience, Taylor Blinds & Shutters has the perfect, made-to-measure Blind, Shutter and Screen solution for your window or door covering needs. Whether it’s for your home or office space, discover our savvy, sophisticated and innovative solutions no matter your style or need.
Taylor offers nothing short of service excellence, bespoke, innovative products as well as expert installation and after-service to clients across South Africa with head offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Explore the world of Taylor – a place of endless possibilities for curating your personal space. Discover, be inspired and draw on decades of experience.

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Security shouldn’t come at the expense of style. ShutterGuard® Aluminium Shutters are stylish, rustproof and perhaps more importantly, through innovative construction, they also provide high-end security when closed. So you'll have complete peace of mind when away from home. Think of it as an haute couture suit of armour.

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If you can’t decide whether style or function is most important, put them both at the top of your list. Taylor’s screen roller blinds are specially designed to protect you, your flooring and furniture from UV Rays and glare. By combining function and beauty, these blinds maintain a temperate climate while bringing a level of architectural sophistication to your home. And, with over 100 different fabrics, we’ll have just the style to match your design needs. 

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Like the name suggests, our block out roller blinds completely block out all light, creating a peaceful, distraction-free environment. Bedrooms, nurseries and boardrooms – anywhere you can sleep during the day, really. Choose between a variety of fabrics to meet your design needs, then close your eyes and settle in to a good night's (or day's) sleep.

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